Frappe Day: A Celebration of the Blended Coffee Drink

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On the 7th of October, Frappe Day is a day that coffee lovers everywhere look forward to. It’s a nice celebration to honor frappé, an enduring and fresh blend of coffee. By its roots in Greek and global coffee culture, the frappé has been popular with coffee drinkers around the world. On this particular day we’re going to take a look at the background, appeal and preparations of that delicious combination of coffee.

The Origins of Frappé

It was first made in 1957 when A Nescafe salesman named Dimitris Vakondios created the frappé in Greece. It begins when Vakondios couldn’t find hot water to make his instant coffee, he had to use cold water, a shaker, and ice cubes instead, he accidentally invented the frappé at the Thessaloniki International Fair. A delightful and revitalizing foamy, cooled coffee was the end product.

The name frappé comes from French, where it describes drinks chilled with ice. Originally, the word “frappe” has commonly used to describe a type of milkshake or iced coffee drink. Over time, a lot of different kinds of frappés were invented from the original black to classic milk and sugar froth.

The Global Love for Frappé

Frappe quickly gained popularity worldwide extending beyond its origins. One of the reasons, behind its success lies in its adaptability. Coffee enthusiasts have the freedom to personalize their frappe by adjusting its sweetness, milk content and adding flavors or toppings.

In America frappes have become quite common in coffee shops during summer. Starbucks for instance offers frappuccinos infused with fruit, chocolate, caramel and other coffee enhancements. This delightful concoction has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Has become synonymous with the term “frappé.”

October 7th is celebrated as Frappe Day—an occasion dedicated to coffee beverages that have taken the coffee world by storm. The popularity of this drink is evident from its beginnings in Greece, to becoming a global sensation. Hence on this day whether you are savoring a Greek frappé or indulging in your favorite Frappuccino from a local café take a moment to appreciate the thrilling and customizable realm of frappés on Frappe Day!


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